Our Objective

To establish a common and united platform for all Bangladeshi business persons in Canada and will act as the VOICE OF BUSINESS in Canada & Bangladesh.

To provide opportunities for Bangladeshi business persons to meet on a regular basis, and act as a unified forum for the exchange of information relating to current and future business opportunities in Canada and abroad.
To promote, develop and strengthen Bangladesh’s business relationship with Canada and other countries.

To make productive recommendations, give feedback and/or representations to the appropriate government authorities of Canada and other countries on matters of policies and procedures pertaining to investment, trade and business activities.

To provide support to organizations dedicated to the development of international trade and investment in Canada, Bangladesh and other countries.

To coordinate and/or affiliate with organizations in Canada, Bangladesh and other countries, with similar or related objectives, to work collectively to enhance local and international investment, trade and business.

To publish for private circulation amongst members such as newsletters, database, bulletins, reports and/or literatures which may be deemed appropriate by the Board to work collectively and for the enhancement of trade and business.

To participate in humanitarian, relief and philanthropy work for the benefit of deserving communities in Canada and abroad, subject to necessary approval by the Canadian authorities; and To participate generally in such other lawful activities as would in the opinion of the Board be necessary to further the objectives and for the benefit of the Bangladeshi business community in Canada.